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FCN 772 Compliance Testing

United Science offers three services related to compliance testing of FCN 772 coatings. First, we measure migration level determination for monomers and photoinitiators to determine compliance for a specified food type and condition of use. Second, we offer migration levels as a function of degree of cure for your specific process, FCN substance, and substrate. Third, we create low cost quality control methods for monitoring input materials and quality control of the process.

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Pesticide Testing

United Science offers pesticide testing services for soils, vegetables, water, and other food products. We also offer analytical methods development for separations techniques including HPLC and GC. We specialize in rapid sample preparation methods development including SPE, QuEChERS, SLE, Soxhlet, and LLE.

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C8 Panel Links PFOS to Cancer

Get your drinking water tested!

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QuEChERS incorporating CarbonX for sample extraction, dispersive solid phase extraction and sample preparation. Learn More
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QuEChERS Catalog