United Science specializes in deformulation services (reverse engineering products & formulations) and has extensive experience in chemical & material testing and identification for a range of consumer and industrial products.  Our skilled deformulation chemists can breakdown a product or formulation into its basic components through our unique product deformulation techniques. Through the deformulation process our Ph.D chemists can preform a very detailed structural analysis,identification, characterization, and quantification of the ingredients within a product or formulation.

This data can then be used for a variety of purposes including reformulation of the original component or formulation, proving/disproving marketing claims, solving product failure issues, identifying contaminates and other foreign particles, and in litigation for patent infringement or contamination cases.

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QuEChERS incorporating CarbonX for sample extraction, dispersive solid phase extraction and sample preparation. Learn More
QuEChERS Catalog

QuEChERS Catalog

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