extraction-kitQuEChERS extraction mix

QuEChERS Extraction Packets and Tubes (10 & 15g Samples)

From: $135.00

Sold in packs of 50. Formulated for 10 or 15 gram samples. Contains various amounts of MgSO4, NaCL, and your choice of buffer in a easy to pour package. Optional 50 mL centrifuge tubes.

Sample Weight
Buffer Type

Extraction packet for buffered extraction and optional 50 mL centrifuge tube for use in extracting an aqueous homogenate into organic.
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Sample Weight 10 g, 15 g
Buffer Type Acetate Buffer 2007 AOAC Extraction Method, Citrate and Carbonate Buffer EN Extraction Method, Citrate Buffer EN Extraction Method, None Original AOAC Extraction Method
Tubes 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes, Packet only