dual phase SPE

Dual Phase SPE Tube


6mL cartridges with a 500/500 mg/mg bed weight. 30 Pack. This dual phase SPE cartridge does what you want it to do: Sorb matrix and not pesticides. This phase has shown a high recovery of planar species without the use of toluene.

Layer 1
Layer 2

Removes pigments from solvent extract via CarbonX bed sorption then sterols and other polar components via PSA or C18 interaction.

[csv src=www.uniscicorp.com/dualphaseproducts.csv]

Layer 1 CarbonX BOS, CarbonX COA, CarbonX COF, CarbonX COS, LipidX, CarbonX Plus (QuEChERS)
Layer 2 C18, PSA

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