CarbonX SPE Tubes

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CarbonX brand carbon for SPE and dSPE applications.
CarbonX COS: 32-63 µm, 60 angstrom pore, 10% carbon, silanols present
CarbonX COA: 32-63 µm, 80 angstrom pore, 10% carbon, lewis acid sites present
CarbonX Plus for QuEChERS: 32-63 µm, 80 angstrom pore, 5% carbon.
CarbonX BOS: 32-63 µm, 60 angstrom pore, 3% carbon.
CarbonX COF: 32-63 µm, 100 angstrom pore, 10% Carbon

CarbonX Variety
Tube Contents

Porous CarbonX

There are Five standard varieties of CarbonX:  COS, COA,  COA+, COF and BOS.

  • Retention Mechanism: Reversed-phase; polarizabilty

  • Sample Matrix Compatibility: Aqueous solutions (drinking, ground, waste water)

  • Surface area: ~200m2/g;

  • Particle Size: 32-63 micron

  • Affinity for organic polar and non-polar compounds from both non-polar and polar matrices when used under reversed-phase conditions

  • Carbon surface comprised of hexagonal ring structures.


CarbonX Variety CarbonX- COS, LipidX, CarbonX Plus for QuEChERS, CarbonX BOS, CarbonX- COF for chlorinated pesticides
Tube Contents 100-1mL tubes with 100 mg sorbent, 15-60mL tubes with 10g of sorbent, 15-60 mL tubes with 20g of sorbent, 20-1 mL tubes with 100 mg of sorbent, 20-12mL tubes with 1g of sorbent, 20-12mL tubes with 2g of sorbent, 20-12 mL tubes with 1g of sorbent, 20-1mL tubes with 150 mg of sorbent, 20-20mL tubes with 5g of sorbent, 30-6mL tubes with 250mg of sorbent, 30-6mL tubes with 1000mg of sorbent, 30-6 mL tubes with 500 mg of Sorbent, 50-3mL tubes with 500 mg sorbent, 50-3 mL tubes with 250 mg sorbent, 50-3mL tubes with 300 mg sorbent

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