United Science CarbonX SPE Tubes

Full range of CarbonX SPE tubes: 3, 6, 12, 20, and 60 mL.


United Science SPE Tubes Features

  • Super-strong particles won’t break when you pack, elute, or ship.
  • High selectivity for polar, hydrophilic, or hydrogen bond donors!
  • High selectivity for pigments!
  • Removes pigments from samples.
  • Won’t break up and stick to walls.
  • Use in reverse or normal phase.

United Science SPE Tubes Benefits

United Science incorporates CarbonX  into its SPE offering in response to major problems associated with traditional carbons.  CarbonX was developed to offer superior analyte recovery characteristics without having to re-elute the planars when conducting cleanup for multi-residue analysis.  The resulting chromatographic materials offer the following benefits:

  1. Great recovery of planar pesticides with no need to add Toluene  to elute as is required for
    other Carbons or GCB.
  2. Greater matrix removal leading to less fouling of liners, columns
  3. Greater matrix removal leading to better calibration stability.
  4. Greater matrix removal leading to less ion suppression/enhancement effects in LC/MS/MS

Configure Tubes with These CarbonX Materials

[csv src=http://uniscicorp.com/carbonxmaterials.csv]

Learn About How United Science SPE gives UNIQUE Selectivity

Necessity is the mother of Invention

United Science started to engineer carbons for separations purposes in response to a general need for different chromatographic selectivity.  Along the way, we found that naturally derived products can generally not stand up to the rigors of analytical work and that the technology has essentially remained in an unadvanced state for decades.  Even more appalling are the costly poor recoveries, poor stability, questionable chemical reproducibility,  and high equipment maintenance that GCB inflicts on its users.    Behold the engineered carbon for the masses.

You mean it is important that  analytical sorbents are mechanically stable?

United Science is pleased to offer QuEChERS Products incorporating CarbonX.   You can see the difference between our CarbonX product and GCB just by applying pressure on the QuEChERS sorbents with your finger.   You can see that only a little pressure changes the particle size, pore structure, and  surface area.

Estimtated 4x Improvement in GC Liner Lifetime!

GC liners are a costly consumable for any operation that routinely uses GC for analysis.  We have shown that not only is CarbonX great for removal of polar pigments, it also removes more matrix--even matrix that is not colored.   This is shown clearly in the adjacent picture comparing two liners with equal numbers of injections of matrix matched standards on them. Every variable  is held constant except we cleaned one  matrix with GCB dual phase, and the other matrix with CarbonX dual phase.  Clearly, CarbonX outperforms.  Based on our estimates, you will change your liners 4x more when you use GCB.  Now, we are not even mentioning column maintence here!


Study Shows Much Greater Flow Reproducibility compared to GCB cartridges.

In a study comparing Envi carb or GCB packed dual phase tubes versus CarbonX cartridges, it was found that the CarbonX product removed MORE color and MORE background, plus exhibited faster and MORE CONSISTENT flow than the cartridges containing irregular, inhomogeneous, and friable materials.  Planar pesticide recovery was much BETTER compared to any other dual layer SPE cartridge from any leading manufacturer.  The figure shows the time to elute 4 mL of CH2Cl2 from 3 mL  SPE Cartridge under gravity flow.  N= 10. GCB cartridges are commercially packed & sourced from Waters, Supelco, and UCT.  The gravity flow rates wildly vary from cartridge to cartridge for these cartridges.   CarbonX when configured into an SPE cartridge improves flow precision and increases throughput.

CarbonX Plus is manufactured by the deposition of carbon onto a mechanically stable and reproducible porous substrate. It can be made with many different particle sizes and pore diameters. This materials is considerably different than commonly used carbon adsorbents such as graphitized carbon black (GCB) that suffers from structural weakness.  These materials has extremely strong porous substrates that are coated with carbon, leading to a mechanically stable carbon adsorbent with high surface area. It is also much more dense than pure carbon leading to improved flow characteristics when packed into SPE tubes.





There is significant value (i.e. cost savings) in-use.    We have shown that because our CarbonX removes more matrix but not your target analyte you can expect the following savings:

1. Reduce your liner replacement frequency ( estimated 4x more injections on a standard liner)

2. Lengthen the time between required calibrations (reduction in cost related to frequent recalibrations.

3. Improve column life (even if you backflush).


Watch the Video

Find out what all the buzz is about. We put this presentation together without all the crazy big bucks. It gets the job done but could use some brushing up. Let us know what you think.


CarbonX is radically different than GCB that is commonly used for QuEChERS.  It is an engineered product that is not sourced from any natural product such as coconut, wood, bitumen.

CarbonX Characteristics

  1. Stability to 10,000 psi  ( 800 bar)

  2. Reproducible Pore Structure

  3. Reproducible Particle Size

  4. Reproducible Chemistry

GCB Characteristics

  1. Stability to  < 5 psi  for GCB

  2. Irreproducible  or no pore structure

  3. Irreproducible particle size

  4. Variable  Chemistry based on origin of material and state of oxidation