Fluidic Manifolds

United Science is the inventor and innovator in fitting sensors that are the ultimate in ready-to-use off-the-shelf ion sensing solutions. The sensors can be interfaced with many different kinds of fluidic manifolds that enable plug-n-play ion array sensing. Sensor manifolds include simple “T” styles, crosses, and multi port manifolds. There are several standard offerings that you can purchase from our on-line store allowing rapid incorporation into your process flow with the twist of a luer or the spin of a 1/4-28 nut. Full manifold customization services also available and fully integrated and tested sub-assemblies are available on a OEM basis. Please browse our on-line product catalog to customize your order to match your sensing needs. Also, check our our accessories which include wireless Bluetooth dataloggers, coaxial connectors, calibration solutions, and debubblers.